Unprecedented Importing

Backed by a powerful automated system that eats spreadsheets, Royaltize can help you take control of your existing holdings.

Acquisition Tracking

Track your deals as they progress from negotiations to inventory; keep tens or thousands of acquisitions at your fingertips with milestones customized to your internal workflows.

A Place for Everything...

No deal is too complicated. We've spent years honing our data structures to handle whatever the industry demands so you don't have to cut corners with your internal records.

Live Reports

A system is only as good as its reports, and ours are the best. You'll be amazed at what you get out of the box, and with formula-based fields you can create yourself they're endlessly extensible too.

Organize, verify, manage:
here's how Royaltize can help

Available Anywhere

Our modern web-based system is anywhere you need to be.


Do you know in which plays you're most heavily invested? How many leases are expiring each month this year? We can help you visualize it.


For Sale

Are you selling your holdings? Let us help you organize your data and produce attractive, informative reporting that will maximize your returns.

Excel-Wizard Friendly

Our reports will amaze you; quarterly reports that used to take weeks to prepare can be accessed live. But you can download the data to perform your own spreadsheet wizardry whenever you like.

Royaltize at a glance


In 2014 we realized that there was no purpose-built software serving the needs of mineral interest owners, despite the tremendous value of the minerals under management and the overwhelming complexity involved. We worked for over two years in "stealth mode" with our industry partners, learning the industry and bringing 20+ years of data management experience to bear in order to bring a simple but powerful solution to market.

We are excited to present Royaltize.

Organize, verify, manage: Know your Minerals.


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